Saturday, November 24, 2012

Denver, CO

Current location: Denver

Laying on bed, couple of friends sleeping on the bed which were supposed to be the next room. Denver itself is great, beautiful downtown, nice bus and tram services, although i personally think the downtown could be bigger.

Anyway i love the weather here, not as cold as Bozeman is, yet not as humid and hot like LA. Its pretty cool city, i would love to stay here if i ever get a job offer here. Well obviously not living in the downtown but living outskirt of Denver is pretty okay to me. The traffic here isnt really busy like KL too.

This trip hasnt been happening at all, just like what i've predicted. Going out in a trip with a bunch of people who has no idea of what are they doing are simply stupid. Maybe i have grown through out the time, but i dont think i was that reckless or so inconsiderate back then. Think about it, i was borned in Marudi, a place where no entertainment facilities, but some people from HK are just hilarious that the longer i know them it makes me think that they are from rural area in China.

To sum it up? Simple
Responsibilities - None
Hygiene practices - Super ultra bad
Common sense - None
English - Bad

And guess what? A person like that, and he aint rich, who is he? Nobody! And he doesnt realize how is he affecting the others in trip like this. People who hangs out with person like this, I really feel sorry for you guys. Farting in the room, wearing boxer in the room while other girls are in the room, having sec in the bathroom while people are just right behind that door. Do you think you are such a big shot? I dont think so son, you really aint nothing.

Losing all the hotel cards for first 2 days, lol if someone like this works under me i would totally fire him on the spot. You can be how fuck up you want by yourself, but please dont bring it to the people around you. I mean come on, does it affect me? Of course. I was sleeping on my bed, you came back and make noises and not to mention your gf were shouting all the time. Its not the first time, and i have told you guys please keep it low cause I dont like it, but did you show that little respect? No you didn't.

My buddy Nate is currently out probably hitting Chui Chui up, but i dont care, they both look good together anyway, and they have all this responsibles taken well as well as the manner/respect a person should fucking have. I would definitely ask Nate to go for a drink right now if he wasnt out, but it was all good.

Shouldnt get sick before this trip though, or else i would be out all the time and never get myself in such a mess, i rather go to bar alone, talk to strangers and enjoy every god damn moment i have in Denver. Anyway im still gonna head to Castle Rock tomorrow and do a lil shopping, pray and hope for a better tomorrow, or in particular, a better day in this trip!

Gotta keep my finger crossed!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The complicated human relations.

Its been a while !

Currently in Powell Wyoming Northwest College, chilling in the library, wondering how could asians  be so dramatic sometimes, or how people can be so complicated afterall.

People that claim themselves hating all this dramas in life, are the one that actually create all this up. Friendship is something that can be crashed by listening to rumors, Or words made up by the other party. Is friendship this vulnerable? I dont even know

I used to believe in strong friendship, by treating others good and they will do the same, but guess what? People are giving shit in return, being unfriendly and annoyed. I dont care, but at the same time, i wonder if the way i treat my friends is completely wrong.

Dad used to told me that relationship and friendship is really weak in big city, where people be with each other just for the sake of profit and benefits that they can make out of you. I didnt believe it till now, at least not in Malaysia or Bozeman. Is it because of the people that came from a culture with lies and materialism? Or its just simply a bunch of assholes that are yrying to see the world burns down. Jealousy lies in men, but that doesnt mean you have to ruin someone's life, or particularly, friendship.

And to those who believe in the other side, is it really that easy to persuade or change your mind about a friend? Dont you ever think that you judge after listening to both side? If it is, i feel sorry for you because you will never fail to fall into more lies and wasting your time hating/making more enemies in your life which is unnecessary.

I seriously dont care of the content that you made of me, but like what i've posted on facebook before,  that revenge is like a sweetest joy next to getting pussy.
I wont do anything to you for now, in fact i wont do anything to harm you later in life too, but you dont have my respect and please never be under me one day, cause you will have to pay what you did.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spring semester!

Spring semester! Ughhh im so in holiday mode still!

ChBE 216 Chemical processes 2

M 274 Differential Equation

BCH 380 Biochemistry

ChBE 321 Fluid Mechanics

Ohhh my gawd, these are the classes that i have to attend this semester. :S

It's been 5 months since i left MY, and Chinese new year is just around the corner. This is no doubt the first year that im not gonna spend my CNY in Malaysia.

Awwww no ang pao (red packets), no gambling (Baccarat, Blackjack, poker, and so many different ways, ohh im a gambler), no hang outs with friends, no new clothes, no reunion dinner bla bla bla, and yes, NO HOLIDAY, FML!

But i guess we are still gonna celebrate it here with other Malaysian seniors, as well as some chinese from China. It's gonna be a different CNY! :D

Oh yeah, the weather is getting warmer compare to December, hopefully it won't turn cold again ughhhh... The "warmer" on january is like -5C to 5 C , so its actually not that warm still, but compare to -20C to -28 C during december, i think i prefer January more Hahaha.

Don't fall sick before CNY guys, stay healthy and welcome 2011 with a big smile! :D


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy new year 2011!

Happy belated new year 2011!

I know im kinda late for the wish.

Its finally 2011, 2010 just ended a lil bit too slow, but full with joy and disappointed things.

A person that u trust, u rely the most, can just leave you and treat u like a stranger, what else can be worse than that? Even though it was just an online relationship, and i said i'll never fall for online relationship anymore, but i guess i was wrong. Anyway, its past, and lets welcome 2011 with a big SMILE !

Another sad case that happened was on christmas eve... I swear i have no fate with christmas, 2006 i broke up with my 1st gf on christmas, and 2010 christmas eve, my beloved aunt just suicided, which i posted out in the previous post... RIP

Well of course, its not only the sad/dissapointed matters, life was also full with joy and happiness in 2010, I finally came to US on august! 3 years to go huh, guess i have to struggle hard here in US :)

Other than that, 2 months in my hometown, Marudi was awesome as well! Never been so long in my hometown ever since i left to Subang! OH yeah, i just got my car license on May,2010. Drove around everyday, brought my grandma and my aunt (Just few months before she pass away) for breakfast, fetch friends, flirt with girls :X Hahahaha, thats just one of the best memories in my life

Anyway, lets forget the sadness that happened in 2010, and leave the joy and happiness as a part of our memory!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

RIP Aunt Poh Geok

Rest in peace, my beloved aunt.

We respect your choice, although you choose suicidal to end your life...
Never knew your depression was so serious, and im so sorry i couldn't be there for you, i left home since 16, i only went back twice a year, and after i came to US, it seems impossible for me to back more often.

You had been so generous, to me, to all of us. I remember how u used to fetch me with ur red scooter when i was young, till i grew up, and till i got my license few months back. I only had few chances to bring u and grandma to market, to have breakfast together...

Life is short, please appreciate your life while you can
RIP again, aunt poh geok


Friday, November 12, 2010

Its snowing!!!

Oh my god its snowing in Bozeman! My first snow ever in my life, looks fantastic right? It really looks good,but if u have to walk on that everyday, trust me, it doesn't feel so good like what u think!

Its finally winter, and a month before this semester comes to an end!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I dont believe in ghost/god or any superstitious things.

But, i do believe in fate, and i believe, this is the best birthday present i ever received, i found my very first online gf, Junne Th'ng, she disappeared after i got together with Michelle (for only 1 and half month haha..)

We talked once after she disappeared 4 years ago. Its been 4 years, sometimes i tried to look for her through friendster (that was the only way, facebook wasn't out yet), i tried to call her phone number, but too bad she changed it.

Year 2006 -
It was like fated of knowing her, it happened to be in very mysterious and we both don't know how it happened until today. A strange thing happened to our msn, appeared to be both of us had each other's contact on msn. It was there for nearly 2 months, then i started talking to her, asking her who she is. Anyway, i got my first gf (michelle) and i choose michelle over her so she dissapeared.

October 2010-
I started searching her name in facebook, i tried alot of names, Junne th'ng , Hui Hui, her old email, all didn't work. But at last, i tried Th'ng Hui Wen, it worked! i found her! AFTER 4 YEARS, and i am so glad that she accepted my friend request and we started talking to each other again haha


Okay another person is SummerXinErR (from FWO, the online game that i used to play during my high school time). I lost contact with her after .... 5 years ago? Right after FWO changed owner to Malaysia's co.

And today, i saw her friend request in facebook, Summer Yuriko. Alot of guesses and thoughts appeared in my brain, and i left a post on her facebook wall, asking her if whether she is SummerXinErR that i knew from FWO. guess what? its a YES.

She was one of the famous player in FWO, a good friend/sister of mine in the game, very cute, very innocent, just a lil bit elder than me hahaha. Its nice to talk to u again, SummerXinErR!

Fate brings us all together, there are 600 millions people in this world, knowing every of u, its FATE, too.